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Hello :3 [19 Jun 2010|08:28pm]

Hey there! My name is Missy. :3 I hail from http://robotsforum.proboards.com/index.cgi a forum created by me and my friend, Kitty. I have been a fan of this movie ever since I re-watched it a couple of weeks ago, lol. XDDD I might be posting here often, I might now. P: As far as characters go? I have an unhealthy obbsession with Fender. ^^; If I stick around for a while, and continue posting, you shall realize that lol. Anyways, if you have a question or wish to join Kitty and I's forum, please, just give me a call, I don't bite...usually....naw, jk. XD I try to be the nicest person I can. So, until my next post, so long!
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Robots icons :) [24 Jun 2008|11:50pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

First off I would like to say that "Robots" is a marvelous movie, I absolutely love it! And that's why I made these icons... but I only have three. So I do apologize, hopefully in the future I'll have more xD.

~ primrosemars


~ Get Smart = 10
~ Robots = 3
~ Meet the Robinsons = 1

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[18 May 2005|08:06pm]

Hey! The names Chintuki :D This seemed like a cool com. to join, as i'm in love with the movie XD I hope to see more people posting @_@ Dead communities are sad. Anyway, just thought i'd introduce myself ^^;
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